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Global Media Provider

Chairman & CEO: Richard D. Parsons - TimeWarner
Philip I. Kent - Turner Broadcasting
Randy Falco - AOL
Barry M. Meyer - Warner Bros. Ent.
Ann S. Moore - Time, Inc.
Landel Hobbs,CEO: TimeWarner Cable
Bill Nelson, CEO: Home Box Office
Robert Shaye & Michael Lynne -
New Line Cinema
Headquartered In: New York, NY
Company Website: www.timewarner.com/
Stock Symbol: TWX
Employees Worldwide: 96,000
Corporate Brands: Time Warner Cable,
AOL, HBO, Time, Inc.,
Warner Bros. Entertainment,
Turner Broadcasting,
New Line Cinema,
Global Media Group

Careers & Jobs:

Working For TimeWarner

The career site at TimeWarner offers job search opportunities for Germany, France, United Kingdom and the United States. The site lists career opportunities and accepts applications for a number of companies including Time Warner Corporate, AOL, DC Comics, HBO, Time, Inc., TimeWarner Cable, New Line Cinema, Turner Broadcasting, The CW Network & Warner Bros. Entertainment. There is a wide array of career disciplines available here including Production, Editorial, Strategic Planning & Finance/Accounting among many others. Diversity is more than a goal at TimeWarner, as the company needs its employee base to be as diverse as its customers. The company is also commited to offering resources and tools for career and personal growth.

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