Tesoro Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Refining Crude Oil Into Transportation Fuels"

Chairman & CEO: Bruce A. Smith
Headquartered In: San Antonio, TX
Company Website: www.tsocorp.com/
Stock Symbol: TSO
Employees Worldwide: 4,000
Corporate Brands: Tesoro® and Mirastar®,
2Go® Convenience Stores

Careers & Jobs:
Tesoro Corporation Careers

Working For Tesoro Corporation

An energizing work environment and programs & services are provided by Tesoro for employees to achieve their "personal" best. Opportunities are available in retail and in corporate offices and include management, mechanical engineering, human resources and a multitude of other career disciplines.

Compensation & Benefits

Tesoro provides health & welfare benefits, life and disablity insurance, paid time off, savings and retirement options and a variety of other work/life balance options, for all eligible employees.

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