TEPPCO Partners, L.P.: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Master Limited Partnership'

Chairman & CEO: Jerry E. Thompson
Headquartered In: Houston, TX
Company Website: N/A
Stock Symbol: N/A
Employees Worldwide: 1,200
Corporate Business: Transportation & Storage Of
Refined Products, LPGs,
Petrochemicals, Natural Gas,
Gathering Services, Crude
Oil Transportation & Others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For TEPPCO Partners, L.P.

TEPPCO Partners offers positions in revenue accounting, analysts and as driver/operators. The company seeks diversity in its workforce and values their differences while trying to treat all employees equally.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at TEPPCO Partners are offered generous compensation and comprehensive benefits that include medical and dental coverage options, life insurance, retirement savings, paid time off and an array of work/life balance programs.

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