Temple-Inland Inc: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Four Core Operations'

Chairman & CEO: Kenneth M Jastrow
Headquartered In: Austin, TX
Company Website: www.templeinland.com/
Stock Symbol: TIN
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 16,000
Corporate Business: Corrugated Packaging, Forest
Products, Forestar Real
Estate Group, Financial Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Temple-Inland Inc.

Temple-Inland provides career opportunities in a wide array of job categories from administrative, retail banking and internal audit to maintenance, manufacturing and production. This company is dedicated to diversity and inclusion at all levels, respecting differences and treating individuals with dignity.

Compensation & Benefits

A comptetitive total compensation package is provided to all eligible employees at Temple-Inland. The package includes healthcare, retirement, life insurance, vacation and a variety of other work/life balance programs.

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