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"Behind The Bulleye"

Chairman & CEO: Bob Ulrich
Headquartered In: Minneapolis, MN
Company Website: www.target.com/
Stock Symbol: TGT
Employees Worldwide: 338,000
Corporate Businesses: Target Stores, SuperTarget Stores,
Regional Distribution Centers,

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Target

Corporate careers at Target are available in Finance/Accounting, Strategy, Supply Chain/Logistics, Administrative Support, Human Resources & IT to just name a few. To see the full list along with job descriptions for each by clicking on the corporate link above.

Store Careers might include Pharmacy, Specialists, Hourly Positions, Team Leaders, and Store Management. An in-depth overview of each discipline is available at the Store Careers section.

Supply Chain & Logistics Careers are available at headquarters as well as in Operations, Facility Operations & Transportation.

In addition to the above, Target has internship opportunities and regular campus recruiting events.

Compensation & Benefits

Target offers a total compensation and benefits package for your health, for your personal & career growth, for your time including vacations & holidays, for your future in the form of retirement & work/life benefits for your family. Other employee rewards include discounts at partners and at Target itself.

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