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"Focus On Serving Institutional Investors"

Chairman & CEO: Ronald E. Logue
Headquartered In: Boston, MA
Company Website: www.statestreet.com
Stock Symbol: STT
Employees Worldwide: 21,950
Corporate Products: Investment Management,
Investment Research & Trading,
Investment Servicing

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ State Street

Working For State Street

State Street offers global career opportunities in the financial services industry. The company provides programs and resources for professional career development and when hiring for an open position considers all disciplines based on education, skills and behaviors. State Street seeks individuals who have strong analytical & reconcilement skills, strong communication skills and who are detail-oriented and able to work in a fast-paced, structured team environment. The work environment here is diverse and inclusive, a place where a diversity of opinions and perspectives is encouraged.

Compensation & Benefits

Eligible employees at State Street are provided with a generous compensation and benefits package designed to meet the changing needs of each individual and their families. Included in the package are health, dental & vision coverage options, insurance options, savings & retirement plans, paid time off and a wide array of work/life balance programs.

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