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'Energy To Serve Your World®'

Chairman, President & CEO: David M. Ratcliffe
Headquartered In: Atlanta, GA
Company Website: www.southernco.com/
Stock Symbol: SO
Employees Worldwide: About 26,000
Corporate Businesses: Alabama Power, Georgia
Power, Gulf Power,
Mississippi Power, Electric
Generating Plants

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Southern Company

Southern Company is dedicated to employees' growth and career advancement and gives them the opportunities to learn through a variety of professional development courses. The company offers a diverse and supportive work environment that encourages and values different perspectives, ideas and backgrounds. Southern Company also uses pre-employment testing to consistently and objectively place candidates in positions where they may best be suited, and practice tests are available online from the "Employment Testing" page. For college students, the company offers Internship and Co-Op Programs to allow for real-world work experience prior to graduation.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at Southern Company are provided with competitive compensation and benefits. Compensation includes base pay along with variable pay opportunities, while the highly flexible insurance and healthcare benefit plans allow options to fit individual needs. Also provided are employee stock ownership plan, a 401(k), vacation and holidays, jobs & career assistance and a variety of other programs.

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