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"Our Products Protect Your Products®"

President & CEO: William V. Hickey
Headquartered In: Elmwood Park, NJ
Company Website: www.sealedair.com/
Stock Symbol: SEE
Employees Worldwide: More Than 17,000
Corporate Business: Manufacturer Of Fresh Food,
Protective & Specialty Packaging
Products Including Shrink Packaging;
Bubble Wrap®, CRYOVAC®,
Instapak®, & Jiffy Mailer®

Careers & Jobs:

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Sealed Air provides unique career opportunities that would most likely meet all your long-term objectives. The company believes that the interests, talents, qualifications and accomplishments of their workforce contributes to their overall success. Here you have the opportunity to discuss your career interests with your supervisor and other professionals, to partake of development opportunities through exciting work assignments and to participate in global world-class training and development. Sealed Air provides an inclusive work environment that enables all employees to reach their full potential and they are open to new ideas and creativity with a bias toward action.

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