SCANA Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"An Energizing Force"

Chairman, President & CEO: William B. Timmerman
Headquartered In: Columbia, SC
Company Website: www.scana.com/
Stock Symbol: SCG
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 5,600
Corporate Business: Generation & Sale
Of Electricity, Purchase
Sale & Transportation
Of Natural Gas
To Wholesale &
Retail Customers

Careers & Jobs:

Working For SCANA Corporation

SCANA Corporation is a family of companies, where each company has its own character and environment created by their employees. However, the values for all the companies are "SACRED" and set the standard for the way business is conducted. Diversity is also a valued part of the culture at SCANA, and inclusion of all is part of daily life. Career opportunities may be available here at the corporate level, or at one of the other locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Compensation & Benefits

Eligible employees at SCANA are provided with a competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental & vision coverage options, retirement pension plan & 401(k), life insurance, paid time off and an array of other work/life balance programs.

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