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"Always Changing For The Better"

Chairman & CEO: Steve Burd
Headquartered In: Pleasanton, CA
Company Website: www.safeway.com/
Stock Symbol: SWY
Employees Worldwide: 201,000
Corporate Brands: Private Label:
Safeway SELECT - 1,250
Products Marketed Under
This Brand

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Safeway

Safeway offers career opportunities at corporate headquarters in advertising, human resources, IT, finance, legal & marketing fields among others. Manufacturing offers positions for purchasing and processing private label goods for distribution to stores, while distribution positions might include warehousing and transportation. Pharmacy and store positions are available in dynamic retail environments where employees must be friendly and enthusiastic who enjoy giving customers an enjoyable shopping experience. Store manager and assistant manager positions are also a possibility should your career ambitions reach to that level. For self-motivated, intelligent college students interested in the fast-paced retail industry, internships are offered and positions for recent graduates may include manufacturing operations, distribution logistics and supply chain opportunities.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive compensation packages are provided to employees. While these offerings may vary on career discipline and position, for the most part all contain vacation, holidays, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, medical plans that include dental, vision & prescription drug coverage, retirement plan, 401 (k) plan and a stock purchase plan among other work/life offerings.

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