Rohm & Haas Company: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Specialty Materials Company'

Chairman, President & CEO: Raj L. Gupta
Headquartered In: Philadelphia, PA
Company Website: www.rohmhaas.com
Stock Symbol: ROH
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 17,000
Corporate Businesses: Specialty Materials, Performance
Materials, Electronic Materials,
Powder Coatings, Salt

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Rohm & Haas Company

The career site at Rohm & Haas offers a separate section for "Business Professionals", as well as one for "Science & Technology". The company has career opportunities in a variety of other disciplines as well. Rohm & Haas also actively recruits on the campuses of leading universities and colleges across the United States and has a variety of internship and co-op programs available for students.

Compensation & Benefits

Benefit information for Rohm & Haas can be accessed through an employee intranet site from the main "Health and Group Benefits Information" page.

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