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"Where Shopping Is A Pleasure®"

Chairman & CEO: Charles H. Jenkins Jr.
Headquartered In: Lakeland, FL
Company Website: www.publix.com/
Stock: Not Publically Traded
Employees Worldwide: More than 142,000
Corporate Business: Supermarkets,
Distribution Centers,
Manufacturing Facilities

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Publix

Publix offers an array of career opportunities in several business areas including Stores, Manufacturing, Distribution, Corporate, Pharmacy and Clerical. Check out each of those linked areas for full in-depth information on specific opportunities available. To meet the needs of a diverse customer base, Publix is committed to ensuring diversity in their workplace as well.

Compensation & Benefits

This company rewards their associates with a group of core benefits that includes employee stock ownership plan, holiday cash bonus, 401(k) plan, group health, dental & vision coverages, vacation, holidays, sick pay and many others. Other work/life balance programs and benefits are also available at Publix.

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