Principal Financial Group: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Global Financial Company'

Chairman & CEO: J. Barry Griswell
Headquartered In: Des Moines, IA
Company Website: www.principal.com/
Stock Symbol: PFG
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 14,000
Corporate Products: Retirement Solutions, Life
& Health Insurance,
Wellness Programs, Investment
Products, Banking Products

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Principal Financial Group

Career paths at Principal Financial Group include actuarial, accounting, investments, project management, IT, Human Resouces and many others. The company supports a work environment that where diversity, teamwork and innovative ideas are encouraged. With locations world-wide, the company is a great place to start a career in the financial industry offering internships and co-op programs for students as well as other educational opportunities.

Compensation & Benefits

The total compensation package offered by the Principal Financial Group is designed to be flexible to meet individual employee needs. The package contains financial security benefits, healthcare coverage options, an array of work/life balance programs and additional benefits like employee discounts, diversity resource groups and weekend incentive program.

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