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'Streamlined, Efficient Manufacturing'

Chairman & CEO: Charles E. Bunch
Headquartered In: Pittsburgh, PA
Company Website: www.ppg.com
Stock Symbol: PPG
Employees Worldwide: 35,000
Corporate Products: Paints & Coatings,
Chemicals, Optical,
Specialty Materials,
Glass & Fiberglass

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ PPG

Working For PPG Industries

PPG Industries focuses on continuous learning and career development to provide you with the optimum career growth opportunities. The company is dedicated to diversity and inclusiveness to foster a positive work environment for all employees. Advancement opportunities, recruitment at selective colleges and job fairs provide the company with an intelligent, dynamic and diverse workforce.

Compensation & Benefits

A competitive compensation and benefits package designed to give a complete work/life balance is offered to all eligible employees at PPG Industries. Included in this package is a variety of health care options, life insurance, savings plan, flexible spending accounts, paid time off and an array of other work/life balance programs.

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