Parker Hannifin Corp: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Motion & Control Technologies & Systems'

Chairman, President & CEO: Donald E. Washkewicz
Headquartered In: Cleveland, OH
Company Website: www.parker.com
Stock Symbol: PH
Employees Worldwide: 57,073
Corporate Operations: Aerospace, Automation, Climate
& Industrial Controls, Filtration,
Fluid Connectors, Hydraulics,
Instrumentations & Seals

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Parker Hannifin Corp.

Diversity at Parker Hannifin means embracing the differences of individuals regardless of background, education or perspectives. The company practices diversity at all levels from the workforce to its suppliers. Parker provides employees with a results-oriented and values driven work environment and encourages learning and personal growth for all employees. Accountability, innovation and creativity are all a part of the essentials for improving the effectiveness of the company. A summer internship program for students is supported by Parker so that it might identify and prepare new talent for real-world careers with the company. Note that the job search here is powered by Monster.com.

Compensation & Benefits

Parker Hannifin provides all eligible employees with a full array of benefit programs from medical & dental options to retirement/401(k) plans, as well as other work/life balance programs.

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