Pacific Life Insurance Company: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Founded In 1868'

Chairman & CEO: James T. Morris, FSA
Headquartered In: Newport Beach, CA
Company Website: www.pacificlife.com/
Stock Symbol: Not Publicly Traded
Employees Worldwide: More Than 3,000
Corporate Businesses: Pacific Mutual Holding
Company, Pacific Life
Insurance Company, Pacific
Life & Annuity Company

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Pacific Life Insurance Company

Working For Pacific Life Insurance Company

At Pacific Life Insurance Company, employees are treated with respect, are allowed to chart their own course and feedback is encouraged at all levels. The company encourages all employees to participate in on-going training and/or take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program to provide long-term career growth. The five core values at Pacific Life Insurance include accountability, goal orientation, risk-taking, change and openness which support the companys vigorous and productive culture. Recent college graduates are recruited for openings in customer service, business service and quality assurance, while internships are available for MBA students in several different areas.

Compensation & Benefits

The compensation philosophy at Pacific Life Insurance Company is links performance & pay with a competitive base pay and a variety of incentive programs. Other benefits include flexible health & insurance plans, 401(k) plan, retirement benefit account, elective vacations and an array of other work/life balance programs.

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