Owens & Minor: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Founded In 1882'

President & CEO: Craig R. Smith
Headquartered In: Mechanicsville, VA
Company Website: www.owens-minor.com/
Stock Symbol: OMI
Employees Worldwide: Nearly 4,000
Corporate Business: Medical & Surgical Supply
Distribution, Supply Chain
Services, Supply Chain

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Owens Minor

An important concept at Owens Minor is that everyone are teammates, not employees. Working together, relying on collective talents and promoting teamwork provides better performance and success for everyone. Guiding principles of trust, integrity and character, ethics & value have been with the company since the beginning, making Owens Minor an employer whose diversity, in all aspects of the business, is one of its great strengths.

Compensation & Benefits

Because teammates provide invaluable contributions to the overall success of the company, Owens Minor strives to offer the most competitive compensation package available. For all eligible employees, the total package includes base pay, incentives, flexible medical, vision, dental & life insurance plans, stock purchase plan, 401(k) plan, vacation and other work/life balance programs.

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