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"Taking Care Of Business"

Chairman & CEO: Steve Odland
Headquartered In: Delray Beach, FL
Company Website: www.officedepot.com/
Stock Symbol: ODP
Employees Worldwide: 52,000
Corporate Business: Global Supplier Of Office
Products & Services
Business Units: North
American Retail Division,
North American Business
Solutions Division, International

Careers & Jobs:
Office Depot Career

Working For Office Depot

At Office Depot, you might choose to pursue long-term career goals in one of several areas that include corporate headquarters, supply chain, business services group, stores division, e-commerce or international. No matter your interest, the company workforce is comprised of diverse, enthusiastic and friendly people who are committed to superior customer service. Global learning centers are provided by Office Depot to help employees make the most of career development and betterment.

Compensation & Benefits

Office Depot provides employees with a total compensation package flexibly designed meet the individual needs of all employees. Those benefits include, but are not limited to health and retirement plans, disability, paid time off for vacation, holidays, sick time & personal and tuition reimbursement. In addition, a variety of work/life balance programs like a credit union, flexible work arrangements and discounts are also available.

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