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Chairman & CEO: K. Rupert Murdoch
Headquartered In: New York, NY
Company Website: www.newscorp.com/
Stock Symbol: NWS
Employees Worldwide: 38,000
Corporate Brands & Affiliates: News Corporation,
Blue Sky, Fox,
Fox Entertainment,
Fox News, Fox TV,
News America Marketing,
New York Post,
DirectTV, TV Guide,
NDS, Star &
News Limited

Careers & Jobs:

Working For News Corporation

News Corporation looks for energetic, dedicated and bright individuals for their diverse and dynamic workforce. Career opportunities here encompass book publishing, magazines, newspapers, cable network programming and filmed entertainment, among others. This career site needs to be explored in-depth as each operation and affiliate posts its current listing separately.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits may vary by location, job function and operation, but all offer competitive pay and comprehensive benefits for employees.

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