NCR Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Transforming Customer Transactions"

President & CEO: Bill Nuti
Headquartered In: Dayton, OH
Company Website: www.ncr.com
Stock Symbol: NCR
Employees Worldwide: 29,500
Corporate Products: Financial Self-Service,
Point of Sale Solutions,
Payment & Imaging Solutions,
Supplies for Banking &
Retail Industries,
Services & Support

Careers & Jobs:

Working For NCR Corporation

NCR nurtures an inclusive environment and values individual differences, opinions, perspectives and cultures. The company recognizes several business resources groups as a part of its diversity program and encourages employees to use those resources which may vary by geographic location. The company is also commited to employee development and offers several tools and resources through learning programs that include seminars, online courses, ebooks and a variety of other participatory projects and assignments. NCR offers university graduates full-time employment opportunities, while students have internship opportunities in the U.S., Canada and some regional internships in Asia and Europe.

Compensation & Benefits

The total rewards program at NCR encompasses compensation in the form of base salary, annual incentives, recognition & bonus and allowances. In addition, benefits like long term incentive plans, retirement plans and health, life and disability insurances are also provided.

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