Nationwide®: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Insurance Products & Financial Services'

Chief Executive Officer: Jerry Jurgensen
Headquartered In: Columbus, OH
Company Website: www.nationwide.com/
Stock Symbol: NFS - Financial Services
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 35,000
Corporate Businesses: Property & Casualty
Insurance Companies,
Life Insurance, Retirement
& Investments
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.,
Asset Management,
Strategic Investments

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Nationwide®

Nationwide® looks for individuals with a variety of natural talents, ideas & experience who would like to work in an inclusive and positive work environment. Career paths here include financial accounting, customer service, human resources, IT & technology and sales & marketing strategy, to name a few. The company offers several programs for college students, including longer term developmental rotation programs. Nationwide® embraces diversity and encourages a workforce that includes a variety of skills, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Compensation & Benefits

This firm understands the needs for flexible, competitive and comprehensive compensation and benefits packages and thus provides employees with a choice of options to meet work/life balance and promote career development & personal growth.

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