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'Global Communications Leader'

Co-CEO's: Gregory Q. Brown & Dr. Sanjay K. Jha
Headquartered In: Schaumburg, IL
Company Website: www.motorola.com/
Stock Symbol: MOT
Employees Worldwide: 66,000
Corporate Business Solutions: Connected Home Solutions,
Mobile Devices,
Networks & Enterprise

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Motorola

The career site at Motorola offers applicants the option of searching through a country career portal or through a global career search. In the USA, the company offers career opportunities in Business Support that might include administration, human resources, finance, legal and program/project management fields. In Outreach, you'll find opportunities in business development, marketing & sales, public affairs and communications, while Development offers supply chain/manufacturing positions, along with hardware & software engineering, quality, technology/R&D, IT and quality opportunities. Motorola looks for innovative, talented people who can work together and focus on results. The company's global inclusion and diversity strategy is to cultivate an environment where everyone, regardless of culture, ability or background, can learn from each other

Compensation & Benefits

Since attracting, motivating and retaining a high quality workforce is important to the success of the company, Motorola provides competitive packages for each industry and country in which they operate. Those benefits include market-based salaries, performance increases, and other benefits that are often above average as when business and performance results dictate.

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