Microsoft: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Founded in 1975'

CEO: Steve Ballmer
Headquartered In: Redmond, WA
Company Website: www.microsoft.com/
Stock Symbol: MSFT
Employees Worldwide: 71,172
Corporate Business: Platform Products & Services,
Business Division,
Entertainment & Devices

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Microsoft

Microsoft offers career opportunities around the world that will make a difference to the next generation of technology. In the U.S., career paths are available in "Worldwide Operations", "Corporate Operations", "Human Resources", "Finance", "Legal & Corporate Affairs", "Consulting", "Sales", "Marketing", "Support" and "Technical". You can create up to 5 job agents on this career site that will automatically search for open positions matching your personal criteria. Microsoft looks for people who dream big and think big .. those looking to explore how far their talents will take them.

Compensation & Benefits

Microsoft believes in enpowering people with the financial incentives, resources and healthcare options they need for success. Healthcare benefit packages are flexible and employees can pick the options that work best for their specific needs. Financial benefits include a 401(k) plan and stock purchase option. Finally, an array of work/life programs enable the employee to balance their personal life and work with options like training & development, adoption assistance, onsite convenience services, among others.

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