Medco Health Solutions, Inc: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Affordable High-Quality Prescription Benefits"

Chairman, Director & CEO: David B. Snow, Jr.
Headquartered In: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Company Website: www.medco.com/
Stock Symbol: MHS
Employees Worldwide: 15,500
Corporate Business: RationalMed®,
Pharmacy Benefit Manager,
Nation's Largest Mail
Order Pharmacy Operations

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Medco Health Solutions, Inc

Medco looks for creative & talented individuals who are interested in working for a fast-paced, dynamic company in an environment that lets you improve the lives of patients, encourages growth and allows you to use your training and education to better further your career. The company is committed to diversity and provides equal employment opportunities for all people. If you are interested in a Pharmacy career with Medco, opportunities can be found at "Medco Pharmacists Career Website", while positions in other fields with Medco can be found at the main career "Job Search", where full information is available for you.

Compensation & Benefits

Medco Health provides employees with a highly competitive benefits package. Pharmacists enjoy medical coverage that includes medical, dental, short- and long-term disability and group life. Also provided are a 401(k) plan, vacations, sick & personal leave, stock options, stock purchase plan and in some cases, tuition reimbursement. Benefits for other opportunities with Medco may vary depending on the position, but include many of the above.

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