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Chairman & CEO: Ralph Alvarez
Headquartered In: Oak Brook, IL
Company Website: www.mcdonalds.com/
Stock Symbol: MCD
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 450,000
Corporate Brands: Ronald McDonald House,
Happy Meals
Quarter Pounder®
Big Mac®, McChicken®,
Filet-O-Fish®, Snack Wrap™
Grilled Snack Wrap™
& others

Careers & Jobs:
Corporate Careers
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Working For McDonald's

For restaurant positions with McDonald's visit www.mcstate.com and view the opportunities available in your state. Corporate careers at McDonald's encompass an array of job functions including accounting, real estate, marketing, franchising, media relations, engineering, communications, human resources and many others. McDonald's operates "Hamburger University", a center of training for consistent restaurant operations. More than 80,000 restaurant managers, owner-operators and mid-managers have graduated from that facility in Elk Grove Village, IL since 1961.

Compensation & Benefits

McDonald's compensation and benefits program is designed to reward, energize and retain talented individuals. Health benefits include medical, dental, flexible spending accounts and supplemental vision. Profit sharing which includes a 401(k), credit union and financial planning invests in your future, while vacation, holidays, leave of absence and other benefits give you a work/life balance. Compensation consists of base pay, incentive pay and other recognition programs.

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