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Chairman & CEO: Robert A. Niblock
Headquartered In: Mooresville, NC
Company Website: www.lowes.com/
Stock Symbol: LOW
Employees Worldwide: 200,000
Corporate Business: Home Improvement Retail
Stores, Products Ranging
From Appliances & Tools
To Paint, Lumber
& Nursery Products

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Lowe's

Working For Lowe's

For a career in retailing you need to be able to deal with and be with people and you need to be driven to work hard toward success. Lowe's offers career opportunities on the front lines in-store, in distribution and in corporate settings. Corporate positions may be available in accounting/finance, real estate, logistics, store operations, IT and merchandising disciplines, while the distribution network is responsible for getting products from manufacturers through stores and to the customer as quickly as possible. This may involve marketing, shipping & receiving, transportation and purchasing. In-store opportunities range from store management to sales associates, as well as customer service and installers. Lowe's offers a manager training program that allows those interested in career betterment to work their way up to store and/or district management

Because Lowe's delivers products and services across a broad range of geographic area and into different cultures, they embrace diversity in all forms through employees, customers and suppliers, actively seeking business relationships with successful women-owned and minority owned businesses.

Compensation & Benefits

Lowe's provides employees with an "industry-leading" benefit program that offers flexible plan options to best fit individual employee needs. Those benefits include HMOs, PPO plans, vision & dental plans, both short and long term disability plans, flexible spending accounts, life insurance plans, prescription drug plans, various other insurance options and even a part-time employee medical plan. Retirement offerings include a discount stock purchase plan and 401k plan, while other work/life benefits provide for vacation, holidays and discounts on merchandise. For full information on all benefits offered, go to the side links on the "Benefits" page.

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