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'Financial Products & Solutions'

Chairman & CEO: Jon A. Boscia
Headquartered In: Philadelphia, PA
Company Website: www.lfg.com
Stock Symbol: LNC
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 5,400
Corporate Products: Mutual Funds, Retirement
Plans, Annuities, Life
Insurance, Group Insurance,
Managed Accounts

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Lincoln Financial Group

Working For Lincoln Financial Group

Shared values at Lincoln Financial Group, integrity, diversity, fairness and respect among others, enhances the code of conduct which includes being honest & fair, avoiding conflicts of interest and an environment that fosters fair practices for all employees. This company has both entry level and experienced professional opportunities and offers a professional development program and an actuarial development program. Realize your lifetime career goals building your career here.

Compensation & Benefits

Lincoln Financial Group provides all eligible employees with a competitive salary, bonus program, paid time off, medical, dental, vision & hearing plans, tuition reimbursement & training programs, disability & life insurance options and a wide array of other work/life balance program options.

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