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"Discover The Logic"

President & CEO: Stuart A. Miller
Headquartered In: Miami, FL
Company Website: www.lennar.com/
Stock Symbol: LEN
Employees Worldwide: More Than 11,000
Corporate Products: Affordable, Move-Up &
Retirement Homes In Various
Lifestyle Communities

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Lennar

Lennar recruits energetic, passionate individuals who are team-players and have an eagerness to learn. The company offers a variety of exciting career opportunities in several real estate markets. Though Lennar has some unusual traditions, like reciting poems and wearing name badges (first names only for everyone), the work environment is filled with spirit, eagerness, vitality & passion. Be sure to check out the complete "Culture" section of Lennar for more insight!

Compensation & Benefits

Lennar provides employees with a competitive and comprehensive compensation and benefits package. Benefits include vacation, sick & personal leave time off, health, vision & dental insurance, retirement plan and many other work/life balance benefits.

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