Lear Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Serving The Global Automotive Industry'

Chairman & CEO: Robert E. Rossiter
Headquartered In: Southfield, MI
Company Website: www.lear.com/
Stock Symbol: LEAR
Employees Worldwide: 115,000
Corporate Products: Automotive Seating, Electrical
Distribution Systems,
Electronics & Other
Automotive Interior Products

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Lear Corporation

Working For Lear Corporation

This company is always seeking talented individuals with international, business and technical experience. As a leading global corporation, Lear offers extraordinary career opportunities in engineering design, business administration, manufacturing and purchasing to name just a few. Lear believes achieving an inclusive diverse work environment for greater productivity and innovation, including the use of diversity in their suppliers. The company also has a co-op program for students looking to apply their classroom learnig to real-world applications.

Compensation & Benefits

Lear provides employees with an flexible and extensive benefit package that is designed to attract and retain the best workforce. Included in these benefits are medical, vision and dental coverage options, flexible spending account, life & disability insurances, vacations & holidays, pension plan, stock purchase program and many other work/life balance offerings.

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