Kroger Co: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

Large Grocery Retailer

Chairman & CEO: David B Dillon
Headquartered In: Cincinnati, OH
Company Website: www.kroger.com/
Stock Symbol: KR
Employees Worldwide: 290,000
Corporate Brands: Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers,
City Market, Dillons, Smith's
Food & Drug Stores, Fry's, QFC,
Baker's Owen's, JayC Food Stores,
Hilander, Gerbes, Pay Less,
Food4Less, Foods Co, FredMeyer,
Fry's Marketplace, Smith's
Marketplace, Kroger Marketplace,
TurkeyHill, KwikShop, Loaf'nJug,
QuikStop, Tom Thumb, Littman
Jewelers, Fred Meyer Jewelers,
Barclay Jewelers, Kroger
Financial Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Kroger Co.

The Koger Co. maintains more than 2,500 grocery stores, 400+ jewelry stores, 500 supermarket fuel centers, 800 convenience stores & 42 manufacturing facilities in 32 U.S. States. Career disciplines available are in retail, corporate, manufacturing, pharmacy and IT.

Retail looks to attract capable employees and then retain them with open dialogue on career objectives in order to promote from within when the opportunity arises.

Corporate offices are the "nerve center" of the company and employees provide management support and services through accounting, law, human resources, consumer affairs, procurement, IT and other career paths.

Manufacturing provides career paths in marketing, sales, production management, quality assurance, human resources, IT, engineering & facilities in nationwide settings. HR planning and evaluation allows for employees to be promoted from within.

Pharmacy has been part of the Kroger chain since 1961 and is a leader in retail pharmacy careers. The addition of patient care centers allows professional expertise to be expanded into other pharmacy-related areas.

Information Systems opportunities are available for those interested in human resources sytem development, enterprise-wide store systems, financial processing systems and in database management. Positions are not confined to the main department in Cincinnati, OH.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive salaries and an attractive bonus upon eligibility are only the beginning of what you might expect as an employee of Kroger. There are several other benefits that may be offered, including, but not limited to medical, dental, vision & prescription drug plans, life & accident insurance, stock purchase program, incentives, paid vacation and other work/life benefits.

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