Kindred Healthcare: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Healthcare Services Company'

President & CEO: Paul J. Diaz
Headquartered In: Louisville, KY
Company Website: www.kindredhealthcare.com/
Stock Symbol: KND
Employees Worldwide: 56,000
Corporate Business: Hospitals, Health Services,
Pharmacy & Rehabilitation

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Kindred Healthcare

If you are looking for a challenging, satisfying and rewarding career in the medical industry, check out the career opportunities available at Kindred Healthcare. The company offers both professional and non-professional opportunities in the corporate offices, in pharmacy services and at hospitals and nursing centers throughout the United States. Kindred Healthcare provides ongoing training and development programs to allow you to gain new skills for possible career advancement.

Compensation & Benefits

Kindred Healthcare provides all eligible employees with a comprehensive benefits package, as well as flexible scheduling and hours.

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