Kiewit Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Traces Its History Back To 1884'

President & CEO: Bruce Grewcock
Headquartered In: Omaha, NE
Company Website: www.kiewit.com/
Stock Symbol: Employee Owned
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 14,800
Corporate Business: Construction, Engineering
& Mining Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Kiewit Corporation

Kiewit Corporation seeks individuals with integrity and passion, who are dedicated to success. If you are looking for an opportunity to develop your potential and long-term career growth, then check out the opportunities available here. Kiewit has opportunities for experienced professionals, new graduate/entry level and also offers internships and co-ops for college students. The company has developed engineering and construction training programs as well as other programs to meet the needs in specific areas of construction.

Compensation & Benefits

Eligible employees at Kiewit are rewarded with an exceptional benefits package that is flexibly designed to meet individualized needs. Included in this package are a variety of healthcare options, 401(k) plan, employee stock ownership, vacation, holidays and other work/life balance programs.

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