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"Family of Companies"

Chairman & CEO: William C. Weldon
Headquartered In: New Brunswick, NJ
Company Website: www.jnj.com/
Stock Symbol: JNJ
Employees Worldwide: 122,000
Corporate Brands: More than 200 including:
Band-Aid®, Johnson's Baby Powder®,
Tylenol®, Benedryl®,
Bengay®, Desitin®,
Efferdent®, Gelusil®,
Listerine®, & Motrine®

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson offers a small company work environment with big company impact. Employees here offer a unique perspective on the company's values-based culture which can be viewed at "Feel The Difference Of Working Here". The company's diversity vision is to become "the employer of choice in a dynamic global environment" ensuring that their global perspective goes beyond regional and local aspects of diversity. The wide-scope of this family of companies provides for a nearly unlimited array of career opportunities in a wide variety of fields.

Compensation & Benefits

With a compensation and benefits package that is as broadly based as their businesses, Johnson & Johnson offers rewards designed to meet the particular needs of employees while addressing the unique needs of geographic location. Among those offerings are performance-driven pay with other incentive rewards, a variety of health and well-being options, health and wellness programs and work/life/personal life programs.

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