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'World's Largest Technology Distributor'

Chief Executive Officer: Gregory M. Spierkel
Headquartered In: Santa Ana, CA
Company Website: www.ingrammicro.com/
Stock Symbol: IM
Employees Worldwide: 13,700
Corporate Business: Distribution & Marketing
Of IT Products

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Ingram Micro

Worldwide career opportunities are available at Ingram Micro for individuals from all cultures, backgrounds and personalities. The career site here allows you to select a location of choice for more information on specific job listings, benefits and other resources for that area. In the U.S., you might find opportunities in some of the following categories: Administrative Support, Purchasing/Product Management, Sales/Sales Operations, Marketing, IT/E-Commerce and Customer Service/Tech Support, among many others.

Compensation & Benefits

Ingram Micro provides employees with a competitive pay and comprehensive benefits program that will allow you to develop professionally and reach long-term career goals.

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