Illinois Tool Works: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Advanced Industrial Technology'

Chairman & CEO: David B. Speer
Headquartered In: Glenview, IL
Company Website: www.itw.com/
Stock Symbol: ITW
Employees Worldwide: 55,000
Corporate Business: Operates 750 Businesses
In 49 Countries
For Engineered Products
& Specialty Systems

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Illinois Tool Works

Opportunities at Illinois Tool Works include a wide array of career paths including product development, sales & marketing, finance, human resources, manufaturing, operations and many others. The company is always looking for talented people to join their diverse workforce. Individual contributions, open communications and a work/life balance are not only valued, but are encouraged. The company seeks to attract and retain employees with unique perspectives, creativity and with the willingness to contribute their ideas openly.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive salary and a well-rounded array of benefits are provided to all eligible employees at Illinois Tool Works. The benefits are designed to offer work and life balance options for optimum personal and career growth.

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