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Chairman & CEO: Samuel J. Palmisano
Headquartered In: Armonk, NY
Company Website: www.ibm.com/us/
Stock Symbol: IBM
Employees Worldwide: 329,373
Corporate Brands: iSeries, pSeries, xSeries,
UNIX Servers, Linux Servers,
Storage Systems, Printing Systems
& Semiconductor Solutions

Careers & Jobs:

Working For International Business Machines

IBM invests over $750 million annually to ensure that their workforce has ongoing development opportunities and well-honed skills. People development provides the employees with the guidance, resources & tools needed to widen their knowledge base and allow for career progression. Some of the foundational competencies that establish a common standard of excellence are adaptability, communication, creative problem solving and trustworthiness.

Specialists specifically hired to recruit people with disabilities, minorities and woman help IBM in their quest to be a leader in corporate workforce diversity.

Compensation & Benefits

Cash Compensation - Base pay, performance bonuses, awards, commissions and other forms of earnings comprise the cash compensation at IBM.

Healthcare Benefits - Includes vision, dental, with two plan options and medical for which there are three plan options.

Work/Life Programs - An employee in the United States can earn 15 days vacation a year with 1 - 9 years of service. For 10 years or more of service, each employee earns 20 days of paid vacation. IBM also offers 12 holidays a year .. 6 observed nationally and the other six vary with at least one personal-choice holiday. Flexible work schedules, work-week balancing and telecommuting may also be available in some business units with management approval.

Income Protection - Sickness & accident income plans, long-term disability plan, travel accident insurance, long-term care insurance and group life insurance plans are available.

Stock Purchase & Pension Plans - IBM offers a leading-edge 401(k) plan where employees can contribute up to 80% of eligible compensation each pay-period before taxes and for eligible employees IBM will match up to the first 6% of pay. Employees are eligible for this match after 1 year of service. The stock purchase plan is available at a 5% discount off the market price on the date of purchase. Participation in this plan is voluntary.

Additional Programs - The employee purchase program allows employees to purchase IBM products at significant discounts off of the suggested retail price. Many IBM locations have special programs like fitness centers, educational courses, career planning centers and award programs.

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