Humana, Inc: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Guidance When You Need It Most"

President & CEO: Mike McCallister
Headquartered In: Louisville, KY
Company Website: www.humana.com/
Stock Symbol: HUM
Employees Worldwide: More Than 18,000
Corporate Businesses: Humana Group Health,
Humana Military Healthcare
Services, Humana Dental,
Humana One, Humana
Venture, Humana Medicare

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Humana, Inc.

Humana seeks motivated high-achievers to join their diverse and motivated workforce. Humana will provide the tools and resources needed to expand and support your long-term career goals whether you are a new college graduate or a professional with years of experience. "College Recruiting" at Humana encompasses an accelerated leadership program, internships, learning programs and their school visit calendar, so be sure to check out whether or not a representative will be in your area for representation.

Compensation & Benefits

Benefits at Humana allow employees to balance work and life, while offering financial security, pay and recognition, health and well-being, paid time off, career development and other balanced life options.

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