Hexion Specialty Chemicals: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'A Complete Portfolio Of Solutions'

Chairman & CEO: Craig Morrison
Headquartered In: Columbus, OH
Company Website: www.hexionchem.com/
Stock Symbol: Privately Owned
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 7,500
Corporate Products: Adhesives, Composite Resins,
Formaldehyde & Derivatives,
Ink Resins, Molding Compounds,
Phenolic & Amino Resins,
Wax Emulsions & Many Others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Hexion Specialty Chemicals

Rewarding & challenging global careers are offered by Hexion Specialty Chemicals, who is excited about the future. Core values here include ethics, teamwork, environmental health & safety and results, though other values are also as important. Check out the "Hot Job Opportunities" at Hexion Specialty Chemicals .. currently includes positions like Accounts Receivable Manager, Regional Process Engineer and Customer Service Representative. Other positions like Cost Accountant, Administrative Assistant or Logistics Leader may also have openings.

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