Harley-Davidson: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'The Experience Of Motorcycling'

President & CEO: James L. Ziemer
Headquartered In: Milwaukee, WI
Company Website: www.harley-davidson.com/
Stock Symbol: HOG
Employees Worldwide: 9,000
Corporate Products: Motorcycles, Accessories, Apparel

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Harley-Davidson

Working For Harley-Davidson

Diversity is embraced throughout Harley-Davidson and the company fosters a culture that integrates inclusion in all aspects of the business. Employee development, leadership excellence, and an interactive environment that promotes teamwork are all part of the culture at Harley-Davidson. The company offers a technical excellence program, a co-op program and an intern program for students and/or recent graduates.

Compensation & Benefits

Benefits provided to eligible employees at Harley-Davidson include retirement savings plan, medical, dental & vision plan options, life & disability benefits, vacation & holidays, stock purchase plan and a variety of other work/life balance programs.

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