Graybar: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Established In 1925'

Chairman, President & CEO: Robert A. Reynolds, Jr.
Headquartered In: St. Louis, MO
Company Website: www.graybar.com/
Stock Symbol: Not Publicly Traded
Employees Worldwide: Nearly 8,000
Corporate Business: Procures, Warehouses
& Delivers Electrical or
Communications &
Data Products,
Components & Other
Related Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Graybar

Graybar is an employee-owned company that is known for having highly-skilled, dedicated employees who thrive in their fast-paced & challenging work environment. This company has a variety of position openings throughout the U.S. in warehousing, sales, customer service and information systems, to name just a few of the career areas available here.

Compensation & Benefits

Healthcare benefits at Graybar include medical, dental, prescription drug and vision. An employee stock purchase plan, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, profit sharing & savings plan and much more combine to make up the total compensation package here.

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