Goodrich: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Global Supplier Of Systems & Services'

Chairman & CEO: Marshall O. Larsen
Headquartered In: Charlotte, NC
Company Website: www.goodrich.com/
Stock Symbol: GR
Employees Worldwide: More Than 23,000
Corporate Products: Aerostructures, Actuation Systems,
Landing Gear, Engine Control
Systems, Sensors & Safety
Systems, & Others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Goodrich

A wide array of exciting and challenging career opportunities are available at Goodrich. The company is commited to attracting, developing and motivating talented individuals who have the desire, determination and drive to achieve their career goals in a fast-paced growing environment. Students looking for some real-world work experience are offered a variety of programs to further their career interest and gain experience, including leadership programs in financial, information technology, supply chain and others.

Compensation & Benefits

Goodrich offers eligible employees a competitive compensation package that include performanced-based compensation and comprehensive benefits.

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