Gilead Sciences: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Advancing Therapeutics, Improving Lives'

Chairman & CEO: John C. Martin
Headquartered In: Foster City, CA
Company Website: www.gilead.com/
Stock Symbol: GILD
Employees Worldwide: Approx. 4,000
Corporate Business: Research-Based Biopharmaceutical Firm that Discovers, Develops & Commercializes Innovative Medicines in Areas of Unmet Needs.

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences seeks dynamic, skilled & dedicated individuals who are committed to their mission of making a difference in the lives of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. The company fosters an environment of diversity & offers equal advancement opportunities to employees from all backgrounds. Employees are provided with the tools & resources needed to provide their best work, while maintaining a workplace where each can see the results of their own work.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at Gilead are provided with base pay, bonus, stock options, health & welfare benefits, savings & retirement plans, paid time off & much more.

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