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'Helping Make Dreams Come True'

Chairman, President & CEO: Michael D. Fraizer
Headquartered In: Richmond, VA
Company Website: www.genworth.com
Stock Symbol: GNW
Employees Worldwide: More Than 7,000
Corporate Products: Life Insurance, Long-
Term Care Insurance,
Annuities, Combination Products,
Mortgage Insurance, Investment
Services, Medicare Supplement,
Employee Benefits, Payment
Protection Insurance

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Genworth Financial

Working For Genworth Financial

Genworth Financial offers employees the chance for continuous career growth and provides the ability to learn and network through the company development center and diversity networks. At this company you might choose a "Career Path" like actuarial, business development or perhaps even sourcing & facilities to name just a few. Internships are offered here for college students looking to get some real-world work experience prior to graduation.

Compensation & Benefits

Benefits at Genworth Financial are designed to give each employee the individual options required for a healthy work/life balance and include healthcare, retirement options and an array of other benefits.

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