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Imagination At Work

Chairman & CEO: Jeffrey R. Immel
Headquartered In: Fairfield, CT
Company Website: www.ge.com
Stock Symbol: GE
Employees Worldwide: 300,000
Products & Solutions: NBC, Cheers!, iVillage,
GE Profile Trivection® Oven,
Gas Turbines, Wind Turbines,
GE Financial

Careers & Jobs:

Working For General Electric

General Electric offers unparalleled career opportunities, with unlimited options for personal growth and flexibility for change. If you are looking to "live your dreams" and want "your voice heard", then this global company may be the place for you ... offering the advantages of a large company, with a small company agility.

Working for GE will put you on the cutting edge of technology, where you can be involved in the creation of new products and patents that will be sure to offer you personal satisfaction in your job. The company believes that learning is at the core of professional and personal growth and thus has a variety of training and development courses to provide you with the tools you need to chart your own career path .. one that reflects your passions, talents & skills.

Compensation & Benefits

Offering an excellent competitive compensation package, GE is committed to being an employer of choice. The company offers a variety of incentives for recognizing and rewarding outstanding work. Medical care options include prescription drug, mental health & substance abuse treatment and vision care, along with the more common medical and health care benefits. Eligible employees also have numerous work/life benefits like vacation, holidays, personal business days, child care & elder care assistance, just to name a few.

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