Gap, Inc: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Large Specialty Retailer'

Chairman & Interim CEO: Robert J. Fisher
Headquartered In: San Francisco, CA
Company Website: www.gapinc.com/
Stock Symbol: GPS
Employees Worldwide: More Than 150,000
Corporate Brands: Gap, Banana Republic,
Old Navy, Poperlime
Forth & Towne

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Gap, Inc.

Working in areas from product design to distribution and marketing, GAP employees are passionate, creative and smart. Gap provides a fast-paced, fun work environment that offers challenges for their diverse and talented workforce. Training and development programs that include a welcome program, leadership program and a professional development program are offered to all employees interested in career betterment to satisfy long-term career growth.

Compensation & Benefits

Gap, Inc. offers one of the most comprehensive benefits packages around that ranges from perks like store discounts to more standard benefits like healthcare coverages. Other "Benefits" include insurance plans, stock purchase plan, 401(k) plan and an array of work/life programs, just to name a few.

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