Freescale Semiconductor: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Pervasive Innovation"

Chairman & CEO: Michel Mayer
Headquartered In: Austin, TX
Company Website: www.freescale.com/
Stock Symbol: Not Publicly Traded
Employees Worldwide: 24,000
Corporate Products: Microcontrollers, Cellular Platforms,
CodeWarrior™ Development Tools,
MRAM Memory, Power Management,
Sensors, Wireless Connectivity
& Many Others

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ Freescale Semiconductor

Working For Freescale Semiconductor

The culture at Freescale Semiconductor is based on innovation, customer focus, speed, impeccable ethics, diverse talent and responsibility. The company looks to attract, develop and retain a diverse and world-class workforce. If you are upbeat, willing to take reasonable risks and have an innovative spirit, you might want to check out what Freescale Semiconductor has to offer. With employees in 30 countries, there also may be a possibility of an international career.

Compensation & Benefits

Freescale Semiconductor provides eligible employees with industry competitive total compensation packages. The packages may vary by location and job function, but most include base pay, performance-based rewards, bonuses, and comprehensive benefits.

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