FedEx: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Package Delivery Services'

Chairman, President & CEO: Frederick W. Smith
Headquartered In: Memphis, TN
Company Website: www.fedex.com/
Stock Symbol: FDX
Employees Worldwide: 184,953
Corporate Businesses: Package/Envelope
Services, Office/
Print Services,
Including Kinko,
Freight Services,
Expeditied Services

Careers & Jobs:

Working For FedEx

FedEx offers career opportunities for those interested in Information Technology, Communications/Marketing, Sales, Operations, Package Handling, Company Support, Courier and other fields. The company has regional headquarters located in several U.S. states and Kinko Office & Print Services are based in Dallas, TX.

Compensation & Benefits

FedEx provides a dynamic work environment and progressive financial, health and lifestyle benefit offerings to give their employees the "building blocks" necessary for a healthier and stronger future.

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