Entergy: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Power Generation'

Chairman & CEO: J. Wayne Leonard
Headquartered In: New Orleans, LA
Company Website: www.entergy.com
Stock Symbol: ETR
Employees Worldwide: 14,500
Corporate Business: Electric Power Production,
Retail Distribution,
Power Plants,
Nuclear Power Generation

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Entergy

Do you have self-confidence, determination, decisiveness and creativity? Then why not choose Entergy where special training and continuing education opportunities may open up long-term professional career growth for you. The workforce at Entergy operates under 8 core values that include respect, integrity, focus, a safe working environment and being a team player. Internships are available for college students looking for some real-world work experience prior to graduation and if you've recently graduated with an advanced degree, then you may find positions in nuclear engineering, materials science or accounting available here.

Compensation & Benefits

Entergy provides their employees with a comprehensive benefits program that includes vision, medical & dental, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, various retirement and savings options and an array of work/life benefits.

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