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'Video Games'

Chairman, President & CEO: John S. Riccitiello
Headquartered In: Redwood City, CA
Company Website: www.ea.com
Stock Symbol: ERTS
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 9,000
Corporate Business: Video Games including FIFA 09, Madden NFL 09 & Need for Speed Undercover & many others.

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts invites you to "Unlock your talent, fulfill your potential ... They seek bright, diverse and creative thinkers to join their team. Electronic Arts strives to create an environment of inclusion where diverse interest group members feel empowered, rewarded and respected. Career paths here include art, audio, design, development directors, producers, QA, software engineers & others.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at Electronic Arts are provided with competitive compensation & a comprehensive benefit package that contains healthcare coverage & other insurance options, stock purchase plan, 401(k) plan, income protection, paid time off and an array of other work/life balance programs.

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