Edison International: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Leading The Way In Electricity"

Chairman, President & CEO: John E. Bryson
Headquartered In: Rosemead, CA
Company Website: www.edison.com/
Stock Symbol: EIX
Employees Worldwide: 14,000
Corporate Subsidiaries: Southern California
Edison, Edison Mission
Energy, Edison Capital

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Edison International

For a position with one of the subsidiaries of Edison International, use the expanded navigation on the left hand side of the career page. This firm recruits regularly at colleges and universities and makes every effort to see that their workforce and their suppliers reflect the multicultural marketplace.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees of Edison International & their subsidiaries are provided with a competitive salary and benefits designed to meet individual needs for a complete work/life balance. Those benefits include, but may not be limited to medical, dental, vision coverage options, vacation & holidays, insurance coverage options, 401(k) plan, retirement plan, and various other program options.

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